Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sometimes words are hard to find

I've posted about a little girl named Hannah who was very sick earlier this year. A cancerous tumour that weighed almost 1/3 her body weight was discovered in her abdomen, and her heart had been badly damaged.

Throughout the last few months she's been fighting a tough and courageous battle to keep her little body going....but lately it seems the Cancer is having the upper hand.

Her tiny frame is now swollen with retained fluids, and she is in quite a bit of discomfort with a fever. Hannah and her mother have been transported to a hospital far from their home in hopes of finding another treatment that can ease her pain.

The prognosis is not good. It seems the Doctors are at a loss as to what further they can do to help her.

I continue to pray for a miracle. I continue to have hope that God's plans for little Hannah include more years on this earth...and if that is not in His Will, I pray that His comfort is felt by all who know and love little Hannah.

Please include Hannah and her family in your prayers in the next few weeks.

Four years old....a precious life....Lord, bring Glory to the Father through your healing hands, and help those of us on earth understand Your love and Mercy. Let Your Will be done here on earth as it is in Heaven. Surround Hannah in your comfort, and bestow Peace upon her parents. Amen.