Friday, June 26, 2009

Black and White

God sees things in Black and White. We like to add in 'grey areas' to justify our actions....but really, God sees right through that.

In every circumstance, there is a right and there is a wrong. We look for the 'grey' because it's easier to excuse behaviours (that we ourselves are guilty of) rather than admit to wrongdoing.

How does one reconcile a God of Black and White as loving when we want to see grey?

The love part comes with His forgiveness. He turns the Black in our lives to White with His light of Hope. In order to reach that transforming light, we first need to rid ourselves of the grey to see the Black in our lives....then repent to open up to the light.

Are you wondering what made me get so hooked on this theme? Well, I've been taking black and white pictures of my kids, of course!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

On my mind

The test results for Alec's Thyroid came back normal, as did the test for Celiac's disease. We are no closer to understanding his issues than we were a couple weeks ago.

The next step is seeing an Opthamologist, and we have an appointment on the 19th to have his eyes checked out. We are also on a waiting list for the RAI (radio-active iodine) treatment. I'm praying that we can get his health in check before school starts in September!

On a brighter note, the school year is coming to an end and all three children have been getting excellent grades on their tests and projects! Each of their teachers have commented on what a joy they are to teach--which completely warms my heart.

Annlise's cast is finally off her leg, with one more follow-up appointment scheduled in one month to make sure her heel bone is getting more solid. She mentioned today that she misses her cast. Why does that give me a sinking feeling in my stomach?

Last day with the cast:
Getting the cast sawed off:

Today is a beautiful sunny day out. It's amazing what a little sunshine can do for me.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pain is not Punishment

I have already come to the realization that my children do not belong to me but have been entrusted to my care for as many days as God has written for them in His book. I don't get to decide when He calls them home, but I do get to love them each and every day I am allowed to be their Mom.

With the recent worries over Alec's health, I have been praying that Jesus would take away his discomforts and pain. I have been agonizing over decisions to be made, and lamenting about how unfair it is for my child to be going through so many struggles.

In short, I have been having a pity party....

In the midst of my prayers and petitions for mercy, God revealed to me that pain in life is not punishment. It is one aspect of human life that is shared universally....whether it be emotional, physical or mental pain, we all experience it at some point in our lives. What you do with that pain is the difference between being defeated or being lifted above your circumstances.

The temptation for me to curl up in a ball and stay in my valley of despair is strong. It's an effort on my part each day to choose to be hopeful and content and to share my burdens with those who keep my eyes on Christ's promise of comfort.

My job is not to ensure my children live a life void of pain. That would be an impossible task! No, my role is to teach them where to turn to for healing and comfort. I must walk with them through the hurts, not around them.

I am awaiting a phone call from Alec's doctors with blood test results. He is being screened for a condition called Celiac's disease. I will continue to give Thanks to God for going ahead of us on this path and providing us with direction, even though my heart is heavy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My walls have colour!!

Here are the promised pictures of the work I've been doing for the past week or so. Both my husband and I survived painting together (even though the red took 6 layers to get right!!). It was a good time spent together, and we are very happy with what we accomplished.

It is agreed, however, that any more painting will be done by professionals because of the time it requires.

Our 'before' shot (we didn't take proper before shots, so I found some in my old pictures)

You can see the walls are a very light (almost no colour) shade of beige.

And our after shots:

Monday, June 1, 2009


From a low point on the weekend, to a renewed strength in the Lord....what a wonderful feeling to rise out of the valley and experience even a moment of pure joy and laughter!

Alec, my son whom I have been praying for and crying out for Mercy for, was used by God to touch my heart this evening.

Preparing for bed, he suddenly remembered a homework assignment that was over due that he hadn't completed yet. I told him he could do it early in the morning, as it was already late and he needed rest.

Without my knowledge, Alec snuck out of bed and found the duo-tang for his homework. It was his reading log, where he records all the reading he has done for the month, then reflects on his effort in a letter to his teacher.

As I sat down to drink my tea and watch a movie, I notice this strategically placed duo-tang next to the love seat. I didn't look through it until the movie had finished (by the way, "Taken" with Liam Neeson is an AWESOME movie!).

When I flipped to the back to check his spelling, this is what I found:

"Dear Mme. (teacher),

This month I read a Pokemon Poster 4 times and read a Lego magazine 1 time. The Lego Magazine I think is adventure. The Pokemon Poster was just boring. Whoops...almost forgot I also read "Oh the thinks you can think" and it was fiction. I finished all the books and posters. My favorite book this month was the Lego magazine because I like Lego. I feel like I did good this month and I'll try to read more next month then I did this month. My goal for next month is to read a little bit more. Bye.

Please leave after this beep.


Your buddy, Alec.

I have not laughed so hard in such a long time....and tonight's tears were of joy and complete love for a beautiful blessing from God.