Friday, February 19, 2010

My first February post

Do any of you say the word 'Feb-RU-ary' while typing it...just so you don't forget the first 'r'? I can still hear my second grade teacher's voice in my head whenever I am writing the month's full name.

But this post is not about spelling, it's about February. And what a great month it is! My youngest daughter, Kalyna, turned four on the 6th of this month, and I will be turning NOT 6 on the 21st!

We had some family and friends over to celebrate both my girl's birthdays (Annlise turned 8 on Jan. 22) early on this month, so I'm all partied-out. Well, not all partied-out, but mostly.

God has been doing some amazing things in our lives, more specifically, in Alec's life. I hope to one day be able to reflect back on these past few months and share just how God's love has transformed us all through an unexpected ordeal.

Here are some pictures of the Birthday girls!