Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas is upon us

Christmas is my most favorite time of year. My heart is full of memories of large family dinners, Christmas carols, a fireplace blazing with warm light, and eggnog.

I even love going out and shopping for unique gifts for friends and family....looking all those other shoppers in the eyes and smiling, knowing it may be the only time I ever lay eyes on them, and wanting to make sure my first impression is a caring one.

And then the guilt hits. It seems I save all my Joy and Christmas cheer for complete strangers, and fail to provide the same for those closest to me. I am much less patient with my children than I am with whining shoppers in checkout lines. I can see the humor in almost any situation...but I seem to be blind to the need for it at home.

My home should be a safe and calm place for my family to lay their heads...instead I have let the negativity cover all the opportunities for peace. My heart sinks when I look at the pile of dishes left in the sink...when I should be elated at the fact that my husband cooked dinner for the family.

The laundry piles are on my mind when my youngest wants a story read to her before bed. The vacuuming did not get done (again) because the dog escaped from the backyard and we all had to go find her.


My children are healthy.
Our home is nice and warm.
There is food in our fridge.
Gas in our van.
Bills are paid.

Dear Jesus,
Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.
Thank you Lord for answering prayers, even before they are spoken.
Thank you for Your saving Grace, and for giving us Your Son....knowing that we would use and abuse Him in this world. Your Love amazes me daily.