Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Untitiled #2

There must be some good soil under this rocky sand....how else could this tree plant its roots and grow so well?

Sometimes it's hard to look past a person's life experience to see the good soil in which God's word can grow and produce magnificent results. Sometimes it is ourselves that cannot see the good soil that sits in our hearts, waiting to nurture love and Truth.

In reflecting on God's love, and trying to reconcile the fact that He loves EVERYONE (really, there are some people I truly have difficulty believing He loves), I came to the realization that there are some things that are hidden to this world because they have to be felt with by the heart.

There is a lovable place within each of us. That is the place that Jesus could see while He walked the earth....He looked at the heart, the most vulnerable place in any person's life, and was able to love...even when hate was returned. On the surface, sand covered the good soil--everyone knows you don't plant seeds in sandy ground--but Jesus saw the hidden nutrients, and planted a seed of love in the very people who were deemed 'unlovable' (remember the tax collector?).

Each day I will do my best to look past the outer layer of sand and see the heart of each person I come across. It's amazing how much good soil is waiting to be planted.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Untitled #1

I thought I'd squeeze in at least one post this month...seeing as how I've been averaging one post a month and August is almost over with no posts yet.

I will have four children going off to school this September. One to a very private home-school set up, and three to regular school. This will be the first time in 13 years that I won't have a baby or toddler or child at home during the days. I'm both excited and shell-shocked...and a little sad at how fast the years have gone by.

I know my 'job' as Mom continues, but for a large portion of each weekday, I am putting my trust in others to expand on the start I've given my children.

13 years...wow. All of them were well worth the sleepless nights, the scrapes and boo-boos, the irritable days of teething and the common colds. The Lord truly blessed me with mountains of memories that I will cherish of those earlier days.

I really could barely wait for this day to come, and now that it is nearing, I'm starting to wish it would hold on just a few more weeks...or months...maybe years?

Okay, Lord, I'm here. Use me. :)