Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I made it to 3 blog posts this month! Come on, celebrate with me!
The Christmas break from school began great! We sat down to do our yearly rice krispie gingerbread houses/shapes. So much yummier than the 'real' thing.

Christmas morning was full of smiles and giggles. That was the best gift for my husband and I by far!

....However, I do have to say that my parent's gift of a Dyson Ball vacuum came a close second! This machine is just great! Not only does it have excellent suction...but it has magical powers that make my husband enjoy vacuuming! It doesn't get any better than this....

Our youngest niece, Katie, warmed our hearts with multiple visits this month. Her ever-growing wardrobe keeps all of her extended family exclaiming, "Awwww!"

And, of course, it wouldn't be a true school break if we didn't do some our own backyard!!!!

I hope all you blog readers had equally exciting fun at your homes this Christmas season!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An Annlise-ism

The other day Annlise (almost 8) and I were cuddling in the living room and talking about the joys of winter. The Christmas tree lights were on, music playing, and we were both sipping a warm beverage of our choosing.

My focus shifted to the window, and the white fluffy clouds coming out of the furnace exhaust pipe.

"What are you looking at Mom?"

"I'm looking at the exhaust coming from the furnace pipe."

"Poor Furnace!"

"Why would you say that, Annlise?"

"Because it's exhaused!"

I love how young minds work! I look forward to many more moments to sit and cuddle...and to hear how her little thinker ticks over the next two weeks.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

When God tests you

...He always makes sure you've been taught the tools to get you through.

The last few months have been something else. I mean, really something else. Like, if I were hearing this from a stranger, I'd wonder if they were just making up drama to get attention....that kind of something else.

But it happened to me--well, my family.
Most of the hardships seemed to be dumping all over Alec. I had moments where I would slump in my chair at the end of a day and ask God, "Really? You think I can get through this??? I hope you are carrying me, 'cause I'm about ready to drop."

And if I felt that poorly...I can only imagine what poor Alec must be trying to process in his young mind.

And then another one hit him.

One of his teachers (he has two that share duties) took out her stress on Alec in early December. She led him to an empty room, closed the door, and yelled at the top of her lungs until he cried....all because he and his friends had been chatting. His blood sugars plummeted --but after the ordeal he couldn't stomach food.

You'd think I'd get a call at this point, right? Well, I didn't. No, the teacher (in front of his whole class) yelled, "Well you aren't calling home or going home, so you better eat something."

After many meetings (where the teacher confessed), a forced apology from the teacher, and calm-but-firm instructions from my husband and I, Alec now is in another classroom. He is also visiting a psychiatrist to deal with the trauma of the event...which is looking like she's been inappropriate from the beginning of the school year.

My heart breaks for everything that he's been through. And God, knowing the intimate details of my pain (and Alec's), sent a message of hope through letters written at the end of last year by Alec's former classmates. In each letter there were compliments on his humour, artistic skill, athletic abilities, and just overall 'coolness'.

Wow. What a blessing just before Christmas!

If these issues weren't enough, my oldest son Ethan came home from school on Monday with an awful tummy ache. We tried everything to make him more comfortable, but the pain just increased.

It was finally decided that we should pay a visit to the Children's emergency room. There the doctor determined that he was suffering from appendicitis! From diagnosis to first cut was 45 min. I guess they don't fool around with this kind of situation! Praise God for all the skilled doctors, and helpful we didn't have to stay in hospital longer than 24 hours.

Ethan is resting at home and slowly recovering from his surgery (and getting lots of love and ice cream!).

God still has plans to prosper our family, not to harm us. I plan to have a VERY MERRY Christmas this year. I have so much to be thankful for!

God Bless you as you celebrate Jesus' birthday this year.