Thursday, November 26, 2009

Praise Report

I looked over the frequency of my blog posts throughout the year, and realized that the numbers reflect what typically happens in my life. I start out very eager (some say 'overachieving'), then burnout....and end up barely hanging on.

Sad really, but indicative of many aspects of my journey. I have to say that since meeting Jesus, I make some awesome comebacks in the areas that are most important! He makes the difference between wallowing in despair, and brushing off the bruises to grow stronger. I'm still learning to trust Him in all I do. Some days it is easier than others.

I had mentioned that we were facing some tough trials with respect to Alec's health. He made it through his surgery on November 12, but had some post-surgery infections to deal with. It was physically and emotionally draining to watch him suffer through the discomforts, but I held tightly to God's promise of healing.

He had an MRI scan of his brain last Friday....and on Monday I heard the best news: There are no abnormalities or growths on his brain!!! Praise God! This means that his headaches can be treated with less invasive measures....and we may actually be on the up-swing with Alec's health.

He wasn't too thrilled with the IV, but he sat still and didn't even flinch!

My handsome, brave, little boy is turning 10 tomorrow!

On the same day that we received the great news about the scan, we heard about an unexpected change in our financial situation....which eliminated my fears about fixing our van during the Christmas season.

God has always been faithful to us, and yet I am taken aback every time I see just how involved He is in our everyday life. He does take care of the little things....with a little faith.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Let there be Peace

Arnaud and I have been attending a marriage course through our Church. They needed couples to fill spots, and I thought, 'what better way to prove we're doing it right, than to go and ace this course!'

Wouldn't you know that God was planning to humble us as a couple....again! It seemed after every session, Arnaud and I would be muttering something less than lovable under our breaths to each other. The issues we felt we had dealt with and moved on from seemed to sneak up and pull the rug out from beneath us! Some help this course was!

It wasn't until week 5 that 'praying together' was introduced. Wow. That the first time we prayed together in our little huddled corner, the tension and angst were lifted from our shoulders.

It was as if God spoke to both of us saying, "Let there be Peace." And there was Peace.

We began incorporating walks into our routine again. Something we had given up because of Alec's unpredictable comfort levels with his health issues. The fresh air and beautiful Fall colours seemed to lift everyone's spirits as we shared important (to us) thoughts and ideas with each other.

The children went from bickering every five minutes to laughing and enjoying each other's company. Colour came back into their life as the cool Autumn air kissed their cheeks with the hints of winter to come.

We had a day or two of snow thrown in the mix to remind us of how white blankets can cover even the dirtiest lawns and make them look clean and new.
Let there be Peace.