Thursday, March 18, 2010


I really don't know where this post will lead. I suspect I will end up just rambling some unconnected thoughts, seeking an outlet for the many tidbits that lay stacked up inside my head.

Any feedback is welcome....even if written in Chinese! :)

Some days I'm sick of the constant exposure to media stories on bullying and bullies.

Yes, they exist. Yes, it's unfortunate to be the victim of bullying. Yes, it can cause life-long issues that one will have to deal with...and there are some who never quite heal.

Today I'm not sick of the topic. In fact, I want to share my own thoughts....and I may stick to this topic for quite a few posts, just to get it off my chest.

I think some exposure to being picked on is a good thing; it can test our abilities to cope through rough times. Surviving the ridicule and humiliation can either strengthen us or cause us to close the world out. The difference, I believe, is in how the adults in a child's life react to each given situation.

If a capable adult is quick to act, and fair in their judgement, both the bully and the victim can learn from the pain. If the adult(s) ignore or minimize the issues, I dare say they are just as guilty as the bully.

As we enter into adulthood, there is an expectation that bullying ceases to exist. Almost as if the very idea of bullying is a childish one...belonging to adolescents. Sadly, some bullies do not change because they have never been confronted to change.

In our day and age, we attempt to avoid doling out consequences for poor behaviours. We help the oppressors justify their actions, as opposed to learn from their mistakes. Teachers are taught to not take sides.

My father (a doctor) has an old newspaper clipping of a quote that summarizes exactly my thoughts:

Neutrality only helps the oppressor, never the oppressed.

I challenge all you blog readers to take a stand against wrong doing. Protect the defenseless, come alongside those who hurt others because they hurt inside, and give power back to the ones stripped of self-worth by others' harmful actions.

More to come.....